Published on Sep 18, 2009

Reactive brownian motion

An audio reactive composition that tries to attain visual complexity through a simple concept as brownian motion. The piece constructed to react to Kriespiel by Patrick Wolf.

The composition reacts to the energy of several sound frequencies using Processing’s sound library Minim. As this library doesn’t have any sort of synchronization mechanism with Processing’s actual rendering frame rate, the audio was first pre-processed and later fed to another sketch that renders each frame of the composition. Audio and video were later mixed outside Processing.

Having that, you are free to scratch, reuse or even rip to pieces the code behind the composition. Please note that the code wasn’t thought for distribution and with that I state that it’s buggy, not documented and not very elegant.

A note about the distribution: you’ll find two sketches. The process_audio takes an audio.mp3 — not distributed — on the data folder and generates a fft.txt of the analyzed sound. Just let it run until de sound finishes. The brown3 sketch takes a fft.txt and starts the rendering! You have already an example fft.txtA Boy and a Portrait from Yoko Kanno — doesn’t matter really.


Another short note. You could notice that the original Kriespiel video has some flicker. This wasn’t intentional, I did some operations that modified structurally (adds and removes) the data structures while at the same time I was drawing the elements of those structures. Always update first all your data structures and after you can draw the shapes!